Texas Real Estate Licensing Steps

6 Steps to Obtain Your Texas Real Estate License


1. Enroll in Courses with School Estate
2. Apply for your License with TREC
3. Get Fingerprinted at Morpho Trust
4. Take School Estate’s Exam Prep Course
5. Sit for State Exam at Pearson Vue
6. Get Sponsored by a Broker

Texas Real Estate Broker License

Time to Complete

All of our courses are entirely online and self-paced and can be completed on any computer. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you like.  Our average student completes all courses in 4-5 weeks, but many students finish in 15 days. See TREC’s 3-day rule for minimum TREC requirements.

Sales Agent Licensing Steps

Getting your Texas Real Estate License is easier than you think. You can get your real estate license in Texas in 6 easy steps. You can have your Texas Real Estate License before you know it.

Step 1

Enroll in the TREC required Texas real estate license courses with School Estate – Texas Real Estate School ®

Estimated time to Complete: 3-6 Weeks

TREC Required Texas Real Estate License courses:

Principles I
Principles II
Law of Agency
Law of Contracts
Finance I
Promulgated Contract Forms

Enroll in one of our Texas Real Estate License Success Packs. All of our Success Packs include all 6 required TREC courses, Exam Prep course, a real estate website and flash cards.

Step 2

Submit your Application for “Inactive Sales Agent License”

Estimated time to Approval: 7 – 10 days

  • Submit your application for a “First Time Sales Agent License” to TREC in the “My License” system on the Texas Real Estate Commission’s website. Set up a user ID and password and follow the steps to create an account. Once an account is created you will apply for a new license.
  • Apply for your license here: Application Page
  • Submit all completion certificates to TREC via Email (include your name and TREC ID#) to: Email: documents@trec.texas.gov Phone: 512-936-3000
  • Your TREC ID# is provided on Step 3 (fingerprints), once you enter in your “name and date of birth”
  • Check the status of your Application with TREC’s Application Tracker

Step 3

Get Fingerprinted at Morpho Trust

Estimated time: 1 hour
Cost: $38.25

Fingerprints: Click the following link and enter your TREC ID #, or your Name and Date of Birth, on the Fingerprint Page.


After entering your information you can get your “IdentoGO ID” and then schedule your fingerprints.

Step 4

Take Your Texas Real Estate Exam Prep Course

Estimated time to Complete: 5-7 Days
Cost: Free with all License Packages

School Estate’s Texas Real Estate Sales Agent Exam Prep Course is self-paced and can be completed in 5-7 days. The Exam Prep Course consists of a Study Guide (Cram), Flash Card Smart Phone App and unlimited Practice Tests. The practice tests can be taken as many times as you like.

Note: as of May of 2019, Pearson VUE is no longer providing calculators. Acceptable calculators include hand-held, battery, or solar-powered financial calculators used in real estate, finance, accounting, and business. The acceptable financial calculator may have storage capabilities but must not contain alpha characters.

Download Pearson Vue Materials:

Candidate Handbook
State Exams Content Outlines

Step 5

Schedule and sit for the State Exam with Pearson Vue

Estimated time to Complete: 15 minutes
Cost: $54

The State Exam can be scheduled once you have received your approval letter and the from TREC.

Schedule your Texas Real Estate Sales Agent’s Exam with Pearson Vue Online or by phone at (800) 997-1248.

State Exam details:

Cost: $54
Tests (two parts):

National Exam: 80 Questions (+ 5 pre-test questions): 2 hour and 30 minutes
Passing score: 70%
State Exam: 30 Questions (+ 10 pre-test questions): 1 hour and 30 minutes
Passing score: 70%

5 of the questions on the National exam and 10 of the questions on the State exam are “Pretest Questions”. Pretest questions are questions on which statistical information is being collected for use in constructing future examinations. Responses to pretest questions do not affect a candidate’s score.

Pearson will provide you with your test score immediately after completing the exam.
The exam fee is $54 and must be paid at the time of reservation by credit card, debit card, voucher, or electronic check.

If you have submitted your Broker Sponsorship Form already, your license will be mailed to your sponsoring broker within 7-10 days of passing the exam. Otherwise, you will be considered “inactive” until you choose a broker and submit the Salesperson Sponsorship Form.

Step 6

Get Sponsored by a Broker

Estimated time to Complete: 1 hour

You can submit your Broker Sponsorship to TREC in one of two ways:

1. Fill out the Broker Sponsorship Form and mail it to TREC

2. Login to your TREC account at My License Online Services and drop down the menu below “Change your license information and manage relationships” and select “Manage my Sponsorship”. Here you can electronically request sponsorship from your broker. You will need your prospective broker’s name and license number.

You can search for a broker’s information at this TREC page.

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Note: All of our Texas Real Estate License courses are online and good for 12-months (must be completed within 12 months) , and have a 3-day drop period from the date of enrollment.