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Texas Real Estate Continuing Education CE Online

Texas Real Estate CE Requirements:

Texas Real Estate CE (Sales Agent / 18 Hours) = Legal (8-Hours) and CE Elective Credit (10-Hours) completed within first 36 months of licensure; and then every other year thereafter.

Texas Real Estate CE (Broker) / 18 Hours) = Legal (8-Hours), Broker Responsibility (6-Hours), and CE Elective credit (4-Hours)

texas real estate license continuing education SAE and CE

All of our Texas Real Estate CE courses are done entirely Online and Self-Paced.

Note: Sales agents under CE, who have been made a supervisor by their broker for six months or more, must also complete the non-elective 6-Hour Broker Responsibility course. This can be accomplished by taking the 18-Hour Broker Package.

Note: As per TREC, “If you are a sales agent renewing your license for the first time and subject to Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) requirements, you do not need to take three hours in contract courses until your next license renewal term.  All other sales agents and brokers who renew their license on or after February 1, 2021, regardless of the expiration date, must have completed the three hours of contract coursework.”

NOTE: “TREC 24-Hour CE Rule” -“The provider shall award the student credit for the course no earlier than 24 hours after the student starts the course and after the student completes the course requirements for credit.”
IMPORTANT:  Effective 1/1/2015: You must complete your CE course at least 4 days prior to renewing your license to avoid a deferral fee.
DEFERRAL FEES: If the Texas Real Estate Commission’s records do not show that you have completed your continuing education (CE) at the time you submit your renewal application, you must pay a $200 CE deferral fee, or renew in INACTIVE status. Paying the deferral fee will allow you to continue to be active in real estate activities and give you an additional 60 days from your expiration date to complete your CE.

Note: Package discount codes may not be used on Legal I and II package or single courses. All of our Texas Real Estate School License courses are good for 6-months (must be completed within 6 months), and have a 3-day drop period from the date of enrollment. No refund is available beyond 3 days.

School Estate – Texas Real Estate Courses Online
SAE Texas Real Estate Continuing Education
CE Texas Real Estate Continuing Education
Online and Self-Paced

Course Name Online
Legal Update I and II (2020-2021) PDF 8 $44
Legal Update I (2020-2021) PDF 4 $25
Legal Update II (2020-2021) PDF 4 $25
Broker Responsibility PDF 6 $30
Deeds Online 2 $16
Closing & Settlement Costs PDF 3 $25
Estimating the Gross Living Area Online 3 $25
Home Inspection Online 3 $25
Liens, Taxes and Foreclosures PDF 3 $25
Real Property Ownership & Land Use Online 3 $25
Real Estate Appraisal PDF 3 $25
Real Estate Finance Online 3 $25
Real Estate Math Online 3 $25
Using the Internet to Serve Clients Online 3 $25
Asset Management Online 3 $25
Environmental Hazards Online 4 $32
Ethics of Sustainability Online 4 $32
Fair Housing Online 4 $32
Leases Online 4 $32
Listing Agreements Online 4 $32
Property Management PDF 4 $32
Tax Favorable Real Estate Transactions Online 4 $32
Contract, Purchase & Sales Agreements Online 5 $40
Work Smarter, Not Harder Online 6 $48
Course Name Online Format Course Hours Course Price
18 Hour CE Sales Agent PDF 18 $79
8-Hr TREC Legal I & II (2020-2021), 3-Hr Foreclosures, 3-Hr Closing & Settlement, 4-Hr Property Management
18 Hour CE Broker PDF  18 $79
8-Hr TREC Legal I & II (2020-2021), 6-Hr Broker Responsibility, 4-Hr Property Management
Course Name Online Format Course Hours Course Price

Texas Real Estate CE Single Courses: 

Texas Real Estate 18 Hour CE Packages: